3 on 3 Summer League

Description: Take a break from 5 on 5 and play 3 on 3 this summer with CBA. Any coach on the high school or college level will tell you emphatically that there is no better way to learn the game and improve than playing 3 on 3. Players compete with their teams in the fall, winter and spring playing 5 on 5. Then many join summer leagues and/or summer camps. While playing 5 on 5 is great, the 3 on 3 game experience guarantees more reps for the player on offense and defense.


  • When: Games will begin the first week of July

  • Where: Notre Dame High School, West Haven, One Notre Dame Way

  • Cost: $75/player, includes 9 games, tee shirt, skill work before each game, possibly playoffs

CBA will also provide a 10 minute ball handling warm-up for both teams before every game!



Floyd Little Athletic Center

 480 Sherman Pkwy, New Haven, CT 06511