Discipline Is Not A Bad Word


The word "discipline" seems like an old-fashioned term that in recent years coaches have become reluctant to use because players don't want to feel "held back". The truth is that being disciplined isn't about not playing your game, it's about performing the correct action, at the right moment, every time! A disciplined player is a winning player. 

If you are disciplined in the areas below you will have more success, your team will win more games, and you become more recruitable. 

Discipline to:

  • Always sprint back on defense
  • Always talk and pickup man
  • Always get your hand up on a shooter
  • Always Box Out
  • Always stay in a basketball position
  • Always Sprint on Offense
  • Always concentrate on your passing game
  • Always fight for a GREAT shot on offense

Discipline is not a dirty word. Discipline is required in order to be successful. 

-Coach Shea